Isla Grande – crappy swell but lots of random fun…

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The ride back

I arrived unusually early to Juanes house to go surfing to Isla Grande for the day. I got there around 3:30 a.m., mounted the surfboards on the racks and waited for the rest of the crew. Being at the heart of Calle Urugay (a Panamanian epicenter for partying), we could see all the people all dressed up but screwed up by alcohol =).

After listening to Juanes’ Simpsons-episode talk, Carlos arrived (presumably from a party), and Luz came in right afterwards. We picked up Gustavo, made a quick gas/supplies stop at the Albrook Rey and headed up to the Caribbean side of Panama.

We took the “Gamboa” road which was in a surprising good shape. We listened to the new Señor Loop cd “MCMLXXXII” which, although being obsessed with it, sounds awfully monotonous when played at a low volume.

Juanes, our driver, was scared throughout the whole road. At some point on the Gamboa road, we saw a tunel-like hole ahead so we took a left that lead us to a dead end (it was very dark), because Juanes was afraid:

Somebody can easily fall through that hole, we’d better take this way… DOUT!!!

Anyhow, as we continued our journey we talked some random bad jokes. I think I had never realized how bad our (Juanes and mine) jokes were cuz usually we only say them with no public witnessing. This time we had Carlos, Luz and Gustavo making us become aware of our own stupidity. It was fun though. I think I only made Gustavo laugh only once. Luz giggled all the time. Thank you!

The locked doorWe missioned to get by car to the Playon beach break. As we had to trespass some private property to get to the point, we opened a couple of doors. Tee hee…. The doors were not hard to open. Until we found one with a rope-tied knot (very easy to untie by the way). We freaked out. Gustavo talked about that that one time he tried to walk through that land and how a guy had aimed at them with a gun forcing them to leave, he also lectured briefly and eloquently on all the legal implications of the act. After opening three doors, untying a knot to open the last one was wrong all of the sudden. WTF! We backed up to the main Town all in shame, as the big wussies we are.

As we got to the town and parked the car “Demasiado romance” asked to “take care” of our car while we were gone to the island.

“El Chapulin colorado”, “Bien cuidao”, “llevo despierto 17 días”, etc.. etc.

We took the boat and got to the Isla Grane Point only to find some crowd and small ~2 ft waves and not much wind. We had a couple of nice rides. Gustavo was ripping the waves with his Ultra-floating surf-epoxy board that can be painted at a car-shop. Juanes and Carlos also had some nice rides. We stayed for about 3 hours riding the left-wave that breaks closer to the rocks. As the swell died, we headed back to the main land.

The Chronicles of a Drowning Cellphone

Cellphone diesOk, it seems waves are dead ever since I came to Panama. However, the day was not all that bad. Our taxi-boat driver was a really random person. He talked non-sense and rode the boat randomly. The situation was rather amusing.

He told us how a couple almost drowned in the shores of the Island. He told us how he could take us to Playon for 20 USD (regular price is around 35 USD) and how his motor was smuggled from Zona Libre, cuz the one he had bought and that was still on guarantee had broken down sometime in the past. Definitely, the highlight of the day was his story about the dying cellphone which was uploaded to Youtube already. I mean, this is good stuff:

The road back home was filled with random and weird music. It seems that the crew didn’t like that much the music I had on my iPod (personal music should always remain personal if it is not mainstream). The dub, Señor Loop, Manu Chau’s new cd, Tim Armstrong were not appreciated, so we switched to Luz’s iPod which had some interesting but not-so-welcome-by-the-crew and “Sesame-street” like music.

More pictures


3 thoughts on “Isla Grande – crappy swell but lots of random fun…

    panajane said:
    2008.06.27 at 15:41

    I like this quote: “personal music should always remain personal if it is not mainstream” and it is so true. Unless the people have your taste in music and are open to hearing new tunes. I’m ready to go home and do some adventuring!

    Mr. Drive responded:
    2008.06.28 at 14:36

    Yeah we’ll hang out and take lots of pictures!

    luz said:
    2008.06.29 at 22:12

    lurrrrrve it!!!
    the alleged-sesame-street-music-like included m.i.a., tokyo police club, and… ok ok.. i accept it…… madonna’s true blue stuff. teehee!

    good times at the beach. let them be repeated.



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