Cambutal TV

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Here is to the old times! The video was taken back in the day in 2005 (back in the days where we did not have Youtube!), in the Cambutal (411) area of the Pacific side of Panama. The video is loaded with drama, action, erotic
scenes and science fiction:

This is what boredom and the lack of waves do to people that go camping to the beach!

Respect pa la banda!


4 thoughts on “Cambutal TV

    Juanes said:
    2008.07.01 at 10:58

    cha.. acabo de ver el video en mi trabajo con una pasiera.. ta otro nivel.. plooo!.. jajaaj

    Peter said:
    2008.07.01 at 12:07

    hahahahahahahah good old times! La discovery!!

    Mr. Drive responded:
    2008.07.01 at 12:23

    Hey la CHICHA de su madre!

    Lopez - Kun said:
    2008.07.01 at 20:06

    jajajajaja cuantas veces pasaron los credits…. jajajaj puro reconocimiento a los actores jejeje ta solido man…. un poco mas y tas listo para tu primer blockbuster hit….

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