Catholic Church admits the possiblity of life in other planets…(Finally!)

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As earth’s magnetic fields weakens [1], our consciousnesses are becoming more prone to change [2],[3] and to accept radical ideas. We start no less than in the world’s capital of dogmatic teachings: The Vatican itself!
Is it that change is just beginning?

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  • References

    [1] Richard A. Kerr. “Magnetism Triggers a Brain Response.” Science, New Series, Vol. 260, No. 5114 (Jun. 11, 1993), pp. 1590-159.

    [2] V. Bucha, R. E. Taylor, Rainer Berger and E. W. Haury. “Geomagnetic Intensity: Changes during the Past 3000 Years in the Western Hemisphere.” Science, New Series, Vol. 168, No. 3927 (Apr. 3, 1970), pp. 111-114

    [3] E. C. Bullard, Cynthia Freedman, H. Gellman and Jo Nixon. “The Westward Drift of the Earth’s Magnetic Field.” Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Vol. 243, No. 859 (Oct. 27, 1950), pp. 67-92 (article consists of 26 pages) – The article has maps that correlate the lowest energy in the magnetic field areas with areas more prone to accept change (e.g. California)


    One thought on “Catholic Church admits the possiblity of life in other planets…(Finally!)

      Jorge said:
      2008.12.15 at 11:51

      Is this suppose to happen on 2012 or what?. Man, se nota que eres un researcher…chekea el formato de tus sources!

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