La Fabrika de Panamá – July 10, 2008

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Ok, it is finally happening: I am writing on my blog again! After a few weeks without blogging activity, I finally made it back to Atlanta, so it’s about time to catch up with the writing. So I guess I will be recounting the interesting things I saw in Panama during my visit, starting with la Fabrika de Panama, arts event at the White Elephant Building in the Santo Tomas Hospital (Panama city Panama).

The "White Elephant" Building
El Elefante Blanco, Hospital Santo Tomás

July 10, 2008

What I liked

Nature is calling but nobody answers!

Well, after not really spending lots of time in Panama for two years, I have to admit I was kind of impress to check out the local arts scene. A constant theme across most of the urban art presented, involved heavy ecological concioussness, protests against envorinmental abuses, and an unplanned growth of our city, Panama city. Nature is calling, but nobody seems to answer!I was pleased to talk to radical artists who are determined to fight the anti-culture, that is sadly prevalent in panamanian soil. I realized how important is art in making us aware of our realities, our own vices and virtues. It is the abstraction and simplification of a two-dimensional frame that truly helps us to understand a complex multi-dimensional reality. In a mix of imagination and creativity these absrtactions can make us think for instance, on the scale of the damage we are causing to our beloved planet.

The All-Seeing Owl looking into the Universe

Art can also teach us about spiritual abstractions. Ancient teachings can be materialized in many ways, for instance our good artist from Guarare showed us wooden representations of mandalas, archetypes and other sorts of esoteric symbolism. The exposition included a gnostic lotus, an all seeing owl looking in all directions of the universe, several representations of the fleur-de-lis and many other mind boggling pieces of art that played with perspectives and patterns to create carefully-designed optical illusions.

I also had the chance to talk to an Italian artist living in Panama. He told me about his passion for sharing his art with us Panamanians, and how excited he is to participate in our art education through this cultural revolution, or better yet, this cultural evolution. He told me about the growth of the movement, tat I thought, could also be motivated by the increasing number of foreigners moving into our country: these people need to be entertained… and so do we!

Italian artist at la Fabrika

Random rooms plagued the place, with a predominant urban theme that settled the ambiance for abstract contemporary art and even erotic works, that somewhat reminded me the erotic art that I experienced in my visit to the the MOMA at NYC. Indeed, each room was a surprise in which you never knew what one was going to get.

In upcoming posts I will include a detailed account of the events surrounding the presentation of “La Dama de las Rosas de Vía Brasil y Calle 50”, who performed this day as well. The post will include a YouTube video of the performance and all =)… A most see for all Panamanians!


The pictures of the day

I apologize for not knowing the names of the artists for each work, if you know them please make a comment on each picture to include their names. Thanks!


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