The pope, monkeys and mating felines…

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I woke up very tired. Slowly thoughts came back to my head increasing like a tidal wave.

Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI. Source: Google Images.

I was sitting at the time and frequency lab at home. All my lab mates were there sitting in high school chairs making a circle. Pope Benedict was sitting there as well, with his white gown all the way to the RIGHT side. He stood up and handed us fliers so that we could choose the meal we were going to have later.

I felt I really needed to take a shower so I crossed to a building to the left of the bio-chemistry lab and noticed that the only shower available was in the garage entrance and I could not close the doors. I got naked ANYWAY and started the shower. I asked “O”, who was passing nearby, if he could bring me my bag, a towel and the bottle of soap I had because the only soap they had available was bar soap which I do not like very much.

City of Knowledge Area (monkeys were to the right, passing the big building, cops were to the right)
City of Knowledge Area (monkeys were to the right, passing the big building, cops were to the left). Source: Google Images

I noticed later that there was a more private bathroom (at least with walls) that I could use inside the building. When I was done with my shower, I came out and saw people coming out of the bio-chemistry lab. Bald brown guys with thin sideburns. They got into a Montero-like car and blasted “Collective Soul” music. I thought to my head:

“some people will never get over the 90’s…”

Medium sized trees holding a plate of leaves
Medium sized trees holding a plate of leaves

So “R” came in his car and picked us all up for lunch. I thought throughout the whole dream that he was planning to quit his job. I wanted him to tell me the truth. As we came out of the City of knowledge we made a wrong turn to the left and discovered the greenest forest. it was sparsely filled with medium sized dark trunked trees without branches in the middle, and that sustained the greenest leaves that formed a flat plate on top of them. The glow caused by the sun rays made the scene utterly surreal. From the leaves you could see long furry black tails hanging as if they were the fruits of the trees. I told the rest of the members of the crew that they should be quiet because the monkeys might get scared.

Mute Spider Monkey
Mute Capuchin Monkey. Source: Google Images.

We finally stopped by a tree and a spider capuchin monkey appeared right by the right rear window where I was sitting. His face showed he was yelling, but no sounds came out of it. I told R we should get going because I thought the monkeys were getting angry. When we were driving back by the main City of Knowledge Building, we saw bigger monkeys (gorilla looking) on the right. They were lying on the floor while a big alpha male saw me staring at him. He yelled at me, this time I could hear him, and so he came after us. I told the rest of the crew we should close the windows, for we didn’t want the monkeys to get in.

Angry Gorilla
Angry Gorilla. Source: Google Images.

We were driving very fast towards the entrance of City of Knowledge. The big monkey was running fast as well. For some stupid reason we turned right, which meant we had to make a stop enforced by the cops in the entrance. I told R to make a semi-stop cuz the monkey was getting nearer and nearer. The cops saw that we didn’t make the proper stop, so they also started to follow us. The gorilla saw the cops so he made a right after the UN building, right before Balboa Academy. The cop made us pull over and said:

“I know you were being chased by a big Monkey, but a stop sign is a stop sign…”

Mating Lions
Mating Lions. Source: Google Images.

Then we had to get all out of the car, but when we were trying to get out, a Lion got in in the back seat. then a Puma-looking feline sat on the front right seat. We all got out of the car and the two cats started to mate on the grass outside. It  turned out that the so-called puma was a lioness. They got into the car and started to have feline sex in the space between the two front seats.

End of Dream

Post Disclaimer: All images except for the “Medium sized trees holding a plate of leaves” were obtained from google images search. By the way, go to google images and search for lion mating pictures… Hot crazy stuff!!!

2009.01.09 Errata: The so-called “spider monkey” is actually a Capuchin Monkey. Thanks “dana”!


12 thoughts on “The pope, monkeys and mating felines…

    panajane said:
    2008.11.17 at 18:37

    What are you smoking?!

    Mr. Drive responded:
    2008.11.17 at 18:40


    Fernando said:
    2008.11.17 at 20:36

    Shrooms????? or something else you ate???

    gusi said:
    2008.11.17 at 23:14

    sex always makes a good story ending.. tho im loving the pope cameo! 🙂

    Rolo said:
    2008.11.18 at 19:14

    tas enfermo, y no puedo creer que lei esto…

    Mr. Drive responded:
    2008.11.18 at 19:22

    Obviously, you do not appreciate the art of entertainment =/

    Rob said:
    2008.11.20 at 10:51

    This is my favorite part:

    “I know you were being chased by a big Monkey, but a stop sign is a stop sign…”


    dana said:
    2009.10.23 at 20:56

    The “spider monkey” is actually a Capuchin.

    Mr. Drive responded:
    2009.11.29 at 04:34

    So then, the one in the picture is not a spider monkey?

    Mr. Drive responded:
    2010.01.14 at 17:10

    Alright, the article has been corrected. The small monkey in the dream is not a Spider Monkey but a Capuchin Monkey. Thanks to dana for the clarification.

    locojay said:
    2010.06.15 at 18:38

    that is cool the way those lions are mateing

    Dani said:
    2013.05.14 at 09:44

    You are so interesting! I don’t think I have read through a single thing like that before. So wonderful to find another person with genuine thoughts on this subject. Really. thanks for starting this up. This web site is one thing that’s needed
    on the web, someone with a little originality!

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