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More 2014 Dragon*con cosplay: Day 3 and Day 4

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07-IMG_8115In a desperate attempt to take more photographs of cosplayers (i.e. League of Legends cosplayers), outside the Dragon*con venues, I managed to get some shots. The pictures were not to my standards, I just did what I could with limited illumination, no flash, lack of DSLR indoor-settings knowledge and lots of excuses =P. Although I am not impressed by my pictures from the 2014 Dragon*con parade, I have to admit those came out a lot better… Anyhow, Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »


Heroes, Foes and More! 2014 Dragon*con Parade Pictures

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Here comes the parade!
Here comes the parade!

Here are some of my highlights of the awesome 2014 Dragon*con parade in Downtown Atlanta. Great costumes, kudos to the cosplayers!

I did some minor post processing on Picasa for these pictures, still getting used to my Canon 70D under full sunlight conditions. If you are interested in getting full res pics, I have all the raw files as well, just shoot me a message… Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

DriveNet’s Mac App Picks: Favorite Open Source/Free Guitar Apps for the practicing musician (2010)

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Undoubtedly, one of the bigger benefits of going to grad school is the large amount of time that one can invest in constructive procrastination. As panamanian PhD Comics author Jorge Cham puts it:

So get out there and procrastinate. Procrastinate with purpose and with pride.

And this is exactly what I do when “I am suposed to be doing research”, I test Open Source/freeware mac applications compulsively until I find something that I like and I can make good use of Read the rest of this entry »

Ever deaf, ever blind, forever numb…

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Sick planet, sick humanity, stop!
the pleasant illusion, our consciousness rots
time repeats itself, in a fast spiral, downwards it goes Read the rest of this entry »

Ashes in the Fall

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Light keeps away the dark night
Yellow Fall

Well it seems that fall is almost gone, but I managed to enjoy it more this year. Yup all those gloomy thoughts of loosing the greenness of the Summer and Spring for the dreaded green-less winter were replaced by a new appreciation of the colorful fall. Read the rest of this entry »

La Fabrika de Panamá – July 10, 2008

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Ok, it is finally happening: I am writing on my blog again! After a few weeks without blogging activity, I finally made it back to Atlanta, so it’s about time to catch up with the writing. So I guess I will be recounting the interesting things I saw in Panama during my visit, starting with la Fabrika de Panama, arts event at the White Elephant Building in the Santo Tomas Hospital (Panama city Panama).

The "White Elephant" Building
El Elefante Blanco, Hospital Santo Tomás

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