Hyundai Elantra GT 2006 Hatchback 4D for sale – A must for the summer! – $4700 (Midtown)

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Vintage Mongoose and Palomar Bicycles for sale!

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NOFX @ Skatedra, Panama – The Opening Bands, A critique in Spanglish

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Skatedra 2010@Panama. Source: Google Images

In this brief review of  Skatedra 2010 @ Panama, I will briefly go over of the opening bands that I saw: La Mojiganga, Capitán Ponche y 2 Huevos y 1 Camino in spanglish. Yes I chose spanglish because the gringos already messed with my brain and I think I can use both languages at the same time to better capture the essence of what I wish to Read the rest of this entry »

El Papo Vecino, Live @ La Casona de las Brujas

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img_4188Last Friday I went to see some live music at Casco Viejo in Panama City (Panama). I had heard from my cousin Clarisse and her co-worker Picho (Pureza Natural bass player) that this band called “El Papo Vecino” was going to have a gig at la Casona de las Brujas venue, place which I love for its bohemian/indie/rustic vibe.

I got there late, at the end of the musical interlude by Carlos Mendez, a rock solo artist Read the rest of this entry »