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Malibu Surf (VERY small swell)

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Malibu Beach in PanamaThe swell forecast predicted a small, long-period swell so we headed towards the Pacific side of Panama early in the morning (not early enough according to Peter), more specifically towards the bay area nearby Coronado.

Dissapointingly, the sunrise caught us in the road only to find out the nice natural landscapes on the way to the beach were plagued with politik publicity for the upcoming 2009 Panamanian elections. It was almost disgusting to see Read the rest of this entry »


This is the other bag!

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Viva la relativite!As we enter the new era (haven’t you noticed we are always entering a new era?), it is about time that the truth is spoken out.
We belong here, this is our home and we must respect it and protect it. We are here to stay. So lively up your self and don’t be no drag, cause this is the other bag! Read the rest of this entry »