NOFX @ Skatedra, Panama – The Opening Bands, A critique in Spanglish

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Skatedra 2010@Panama. Source: Google Images

In this brief review of  Skatedra 2010 @ Panama, I will briefly go over of the opening bands that I saw: La Mojiganga, Capitán Ponche y 2 Huevos y 1 Camino in spanglish. Yes I chose spanglish because the gringos already messed with my brain and I think I can use both languages at the same time to better capture the essence of what I wish to Read the rest of this entry »


Reggae roots at “One” Panama – Pureza Natural (live)

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Clarisse (Yellow shirt), Giordano (light blue and white) and me (smiling at the background)Last Night, my cousin Clarisse picked me up around 10 p.m. to go to the Reggae Roots nights at One Panama. I was happy to see her again,a and even happier to hang out with her and her brother Giordano. We got there really early for Panamanian standards, but the roots was skanking and the vibe was filled with positive energy. The night progressed as the Dj kept on “rootsing” and the crowd started to grow by 12 p.m. the place was packed with a variety of people: ghetto people, zonies, foreign (maybe Europeans and Gringos) and some Rastafarian… Read the rest of this entry »