Jumping High – recurring dream

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Caballitos de Totora. Huanchaco, Perú
Caballitos de Totora. Huanchaco, Perú

Ever since I started skating, when I was an adolescent, I always had this dream that I could make the craziest tricks  when I would jump using my skates. It felt as if my jumps lasted so long that I would gain consciousness of those instants and would allow me enough freedom to move as I pleased. So being conscious of this ability, I jumped, spinned, did flips without the fear of falling in the ground and hurting myself. During the dreams I would perform several jumps consciously in locations that I frequent in the real world.

Now I am older and have stopped skating. But in one than more occasion I have had this dream where I can perform jumps similar to those I had during my skating days, this time, without my skates. One day I dreamed that I was in a highway, in a section that looks a lot like the section between Divisa and Penonome, with long straight roads dissected by rivers and with green trees on the sides of the road. This dream took place in a highway section nearby a river, and in the middle of the road, there were long vessels made out of woven straws,  just like the peruvian “caballitos de totora” except that these where really long and very flexible.  As the bow of these was burried in the ground, they where able to stand like bamboo trees. In my elated sensation of my endless jumps, I tried to reach the top of these and I was able to stand in one foot on top of them, or grab the tip and stand on the side of them, without disturbing their natural movement.  In this dream I conciously jumped from top to top without even thinking of gravity. It felt a lot like the jumps performed in Chinese Kung-fu movies such as Hero or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Last night however, I dreamed I was running and while I was doing so, I attempted to jump, and every time I bounced in the ground I would be able to jump higher. The ground was black and kind of soft with yellowish straw splinters. In the dream I remembered my dreams as an adolescent and I would try to perform the same tricks flipping, misty flipping and spinning. In one of the jumps I was so conscious and aware of what I was doing that I realized it was a dream. I immediately woke up.

In all these dreams I am alone. Nobody is watching.

P.S. If you would like to comment on this dream, please avoid any references using or comments based on Freud’s free association process.


15 thoughts on “Jumping High – recurring dream

    Wak said:
    2010.02.26 at 11:28

    I occasionally have a recurring dream that is similar. I am able to jump, and bounce higher and higher, to the point that I am almost flying or gliding across the sky. It is an amazing feeling.

    Mike R said:
    2011.08.19 at 04:13

    I have this dream as well. Like the last comment I really enjoy these dreams. It is amazing. Nobody seems to notice or its like they are ambivalent to me jumping amazing heights. There is no acknowledgement by anyone. Its not like I get upset about no one noticing, but on some level I notice they don’t notice. I think it just becomes so much fun I stop noticing them as well or something. I wouldn’t call it floating its more like less gravity. Everything else is rather normal in the dream. These are not scary, and I never seem to feel any fear of falling.

      Erica Alberici said:
      2012.04.23 at 01:42

      I have the same re-occurring dream about being able to jump really high and far. I get butterflies in my stomach as I decend and I get scared that I’ve jumped so far up.. Coming back down I feel great and wanna keep doing it. However, I try to show ppl that I have this ability but nobody seems to notice or pay attention. They always look the other way.
      I’ve tried to rationalize this dream: maybe I’m trying to show ppl that I have in me the ability to do something that nobody seems to think I can do. I’m trying to prove I’m really talented or skilled at something but nobody seems to pay any attention to me. Dunno but I’ve had this dream on and off for bout 15/20yrs now

    Mr. Drive responded:
    2011.08.19 at 12:42

    Lately I have been having very lucid dreams about being able to displace myself a few inches over the floor at will. The dreams are so real that sometimes I am convinced that I can just float around “a la” David Blane…

    Daz said:
    2011.10.15 at 16:09

    I often have dreams where i can jump high, as if there’s hardly any gravity, sometimes i do it to show off & spin round 5 or 6 times before i land & other times i do it to escape a situation and sometimes it’s just a quicker way to get from A to B. I love having these dreams.

    Kyle said:
    2013.08.08 at 19:05

    I have been having these same dreams, in mine I am running down a path beside a river near my house that I walk down daily. I jump over and over and every time is higher and if the terrain changed like I jump down a hill; it almost feels like ill never touch ground. Very exhilerating. After the one I just had I was running and there was a vehicle driving behing me at extreme speeds trying to run me Down. Driven by my sister of all people. And I seemed to match the speed of the car slowed down for a second jumped and ran over the hood in the same direction the SUV was going, like a treadmill planted off the top and jumped and spun; stuck the landing of course, and kept running after the vehicle. The dream ended with me seeing a police dog that wouldn’t leave me alone and being brought into a police tent to be questioned.

    jojo said:
    2013.11.01 at 12:33

    I dream I am with people and i start jumping up into the air then down again and every time I jump higher and higher, its amazing and I love it. I am in control too as to how high and as I land my legs feel so strong.
    The people around me do not notice but when I call to them to watch they are happy too but don’t jump. tis weird but a fab feeling.

    Renee said:
    2013.12.21 at 19:30

    Last night I had a dream that I had super human powers of jumping really high and far. I usually have horror/graphic dreams (even though I don’t watch horror) so this was a welcomed change. In my dream I was wearing my pyjs and standing just outside a local shopping centre under some trees drinking a boost juice. There was a few people around. One guy close to me looked like ‘The Rock’ and was there with his son. I was sort of smug to the people like, “Yeah I’m wearing my pyjs. So what?” On returning to the centre, I started to run and get a bit air borne, then I jumped high, laughing and thinking this is awesome, I worked out I could jump higher and further. This would have to be one of the happiest dreams I have ever had. What am I jumping for joy for? May be in real life I have just decided to accept myself the way I am 🙂

    Santosh said:
    2014.06.28 at 10:55

    I have a dream having super jump… little jogging and jumping so high and I can feel it even after I woke up… Now my feet and my body can feel it…Its recurring from my childhood from age of 10 years,now Iam 22 and still I gets the same dream

    Nicholas LaFoe said:
    2016.05.24 at 06:39

    I also have dreams like this but in mine I’m always inside a school (I’ve been out of school for 10 years) and when I jump I’ll touch the ceiling and softly land after I float back down. That’s when I know something is up because I’ll try it a couple more times to make sure it wasn’t a fluke and my consciousness kicks in then i awake. there is no fear no emotions. There is usually 2 girls watching and never say a word.

    Christianne said:
    2016.05.29 at 15:40

    I have dreams, doesn’t matter where or who with but I am always with some people just walking along and then I start to jump… And it’s high than they are and then I come down and its higher still.. I repeat this over and over and the jumps keep getting higher. No matter what and it will last until I wake up, which can me short dreams or long, depending I am diagnosed with insomnia so sleep isn’t really that great quantity of time for me. I don’t understand what these dreams mean or why I continue to have them. Anyone get these as well?

    Dr. Drive responded:
    2016.05.30 at 10:44

    On a related note, I also had dreams where I tried to run, but my legs would not cooperate. I was aware in the dream that I knew how to run but for some reason, It didn’t matter how fast I would try running, I would not move or would move very slowly.
    I read a lot on the topic and came across some articles that reported how muscles are properly disconnected from brain impulses during sleep so that you stay in your bed even though you are convinced you are walking, running or doing whatever in your dreams. This same motion inhibitor gives some people the sensation of being unable to walk even though you want to in your dream. I am convinced that I was experiencing this condition where I was aware that I could not move with good reason.
    I stopped having these dreams altogether when one night I had a lucid dream: I tried to run but could not move. But then I thought this is a dream, and asked: why run when I can fly? Immediately after the question I shot myself into the sky and I was so ecstatic that I woke up with the fulfilling sensation of having conquered my own dream.

    Jesse Galloway said:
    2016.08.10 at 20:29

    I also have this dream where i keep jumping and getting higher and higher and longer and longer. Then I have the fear of how far down I’m going once I get so high in the air. What does this mean?

      Dr. Drive responded:
      2016.08.12 at 20:59

      Maybe you could be afraid of success?

      Dr. Drive responded:
      2016.08.12 at 21:00

      Could it be that you are afraid of success?

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