About DriveNet

Once upon a time (back in the late 90’s) I discovered how much fun was to publish stuff on the web, and I haven’t stopped ever since…
This project is about life, music and our planet.

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Please leave your comments below and I will do my best to answer back!


4 thoughts on “About DriveNet

    julia said:
    2010.01.16 at 18:53

    I’ve had jumping dreams too! Just had one after not having the jumping dream and your explanation of your jumping dreams eerily paralleled my dreams I just woke from. I’m a painter too, so maybe that’s the connection somehow?? Strange. I still haven’t found the interpretation yet but will continue searching.

      Mr. Drive responded:
      2010.01.17 at 22:32

      Interpretations by Jung methods are always a good place to start! There is a good book on dreams interpretation called ‘Man and his Symbols’. Check it out and you will find many answers to your questions =)

    C. Tiedtke said:
    2011.02.10 at 07:29

    my name is Carsten from Germany. I dont speak realy good english, bat i have a question: I like to use a picture with the name “angry_gorilla. I saw this on yur website.
    I dont know, is this your Picture?
    I like to have a licence for printing this picture on t-shirts.
    I have your picture redesigned in a vektorgrafik.
    Thank for answer and best regards from ggermany

    Carsten Tiedtke

    P.s. You can see the grafik on my website

    Mr. Drive responded:
    2011.02.11 at 21:02

    Hey Carsten,
    Actually I do not remember where I got this image from. I just did a google images search and I picked the first one that showed up. So technically I have no ownership of the picture. Doing another google images search, you can get a larger version here:

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