Mac Icon for Panasonic FZ35 Camera

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Drivenet's Panasonic FZ35 Mac Icon
Drivenet's Panasonic(c) FZ-35 Mac Icon Preview

Alright, since I am really into Mac Icons and I could not find a mac icon for my newly acquired FZ-35, I made one for myself and now I am sharing it with the world….

The following icons should be used for non-commercial personal purposes only.

The logos in the icons are property of Panasonic Corporation(c).

Download Drivenet’s (c)Panasonic FZ-35 Icon for MAC from here!


2 thoughts on “Mac Icon for Panasonic FZ35 Camera

    Guilherme Fonseca said:
    2011.05.15 at 20:59

    Thanks a lot, it’s great!

      Mr. Drive responded:
      2011.05.17 at 00:21

      I am glad you enjoyed it. I was a bit frustrated by not being able to find a descent icon so I had to make one myself =)

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